My name is Jennifer and I’m a writer – not a famous writer, not a semi-famous writer, not even a published writer yet, but working my way there, to being published that is. Fame doesn’t interest me much.

I’m not one of those people who knew from birth that they wanted to be a writer, but by the time I reached my late teens I figured out that I did want to write fiction. Of course, I didn’t do a thing about it other than think who’d want to read what I write?  So, I never tried, but every so often I’d think, what if…

Twenty years later, I started blogging. Crafting was my topic of choice, and that blog got me in the habit of writing on a regular basis. It also renewed my interest in writing fiction. I took a few writing workshops and wrote short pieces. Then life got in the way and fiction ended up on the back burner.

Writing is now back in the forefront. My dream is to quit my day job so I can write full time. Maybe if I play my cards right that’ll happen. Right now my goal is to be published , and I’ve decided to blog about that process every step of the way.

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